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                      Bal-A-Vis-X                                                                                    Balance   Auditory  Vision  eXercises


  Trainings and In-service Programs

                For Parents, Teachers, Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapists,

                                                    Evolving Adults

                                            (no experience necessary)

                                        Presented by the

            Long Island BAVX Team  

Emily Eisen, M.Ed., Team Director of Brainworks Plus

Christine Rockett, OTL, Diana Keegan, OTL

Bal-A-Vis-X (BAVX) is a remedial, therapeutic series of simple to complex rhythmic exercises using sand filled bags, racquet balls and balance boards. Using defined principles and techniques, individuals, partners and groups engage in multiple thousands of physical, auditory, visual midline crossings that develop full body coordination and focused attention.

Unlike juggling, BAVX activates the eye tracking necessary for intentional focusing.

Bal-A-Vis-X was created and developed by a teacher, Bill Hubert.   Bill worked in multiple settings with multiple ages which allowed him to observe a wide and varied array of learning difficulties: 

Inability to control the eyes and focus attention, loses place when reading, copying

Graceless, often illegible handwriting, makes sequence errors (hta …hat)

Stiff/locked posture while sitting, standing walking or  running, general clumsiness,  an inability to sit or stand without moving: turns body sideways, feet off the floor

Rhythm-less cadence while talking or reading out loud, misses sounds in phonics

Difficulty in distinguishing left from right, apparent ambidextrousness,

Struggles in math: 1-1 correspondence, one more, less, skip counting, forgetting one day to the next

Mental or physical apathy: disorganized, needs cues to follow daily routine

This link between cognitive and physical dysfunction led to the acclaimed international program

Balance – Auditory – Vision   Exercises.


1-Use beginning BAVX exercises to address your students’ learning challenges.

2 - Spot these learning concerns in the classroom and understand brain midline crossings and connections.   

3- Set up a child's environment that challenges the brain to integrate his/her eyes, ears, hands and body to be ready for learning.

4-Experience and use non- verbal directions to develop visual and auditory processing!                                    

5-Combine movement with learning posters already in your classroom.                                                            

Bal-A-Vis-X addresses:                       

      1-A new awareness of the nuances of sound.  Rhythm.

      2-Eye tracking deficiencies: a person can improve recall by 30% just by moving their eyes.

         Eyes will Flow:  Ocular motility (tracking) eyes that float, skip, stutter, or dart.

         Eyes will Work Together:  binocular teaming, eyes that squint, blink excessively or extreme head, neck postures for near vision task.

      5-Attention Span, Focus, Behavior, Self-Confidence: Physical competence leads students to social confidence which leads to earned

         self-esteem and to a dawning awareness that competence in anything is possible.  

Who can benefit from BAVX?      

Individuals with:  Dyslexia, Reading, Math, Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Mental and Emotional Disorders, Dyspraxia, Aphasia, the gifted and average student.

Info contacts:                                           

Emily Eisen  631-651-9207

Bal-A-Vis-X is a registered trademark of Bal-A-Vis-X, Inc.  No one may claim the right, sanction or expertise to teach BAVX for profit or academic credit without the express written consent of Bill Hubert.


This  Advanced experiential training will teach you the techniques of BAVX.  BAVX requires registrants to use focused attention, promotes self-challenge and fosters peer teaching.

Regular Education Teachers, Physical Education Teachers, Special Educators, Reading Specialists, Occupational and Physical Therapists and Assistants, Psychologists, Parents, Recreation Therapists,

Speech Therapists

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Bal-A-Vis-X is a registered trademark of Bal-A-Vis-X, Inc.

BAVX is ideal for individuals with:

Dyslexia, Reading and Writing Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke

Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome

Mental and Emotional Disorders

Dyspraxia, Aphasia  and more….

BAVX is for all ages to gain eye-hand coordination, improved posture, improved balance, increased focus and attention span and subsequent improvement in overall confidence, self-esteem and social skills. 

What will you learn with


By the end of this training, learners will be able to:

1.List and demonstrate proficiency with the 6 principals of BAVX technique.

Demonstrate understanding of how proper technique influences rhythm.

2.Recognize their own and others motor pattern strengths and weaknesses and how to remediate them.  Generate a plan to utilize strengths to remediate weaknesses. 

3.Identify a student’s natural dominance profile and determine how the senses influence behavior under stress.

4.Carryout a visual assessment and interpret ocular motor deficits that impact learning.

5.Assess a student’s crossing midline skills and understand their impact on academic success. Identify and determine exercises that may remediate midline crossing deficits.

6.Generate a series of BAVX exercises using language based learning to develop sequential thinking skills.

7.Demonstrate understanding of adaptations needed to modify BAVX to remediate a physical, emotional, cognitive or mental disability.