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BRAINWORKS PLUSEmily Eisen, M.Ed. Director/ Instructor

Certified Language of Mastery® Instructor     Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

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Language of Mastery (LOM) is a body of learning that increases your consciousness of the words you use, your ability  to determine if they are self-limiting/sabotaging or self-developing/enhancing. We all use language patterns, some conscious and some unconscious. Our brain is ALWAYS listening for our directions 24/7. Your words are your instructions to yourself.

Robert/Bob Tennyson Steven is the founder and creator of this body of learning.


LOM alerts you to common language patterns that do not get through for action....and also to  new language patterns that are easily understood and easily carried out.

In the Introductory LOM class, you will learn :


    What is  Self-Limiting Language  =SLL?

    What is a “committed listening”

    What is “highest choice”

    What is “outcoming.”

    What is your specific language pattern that is as yet unconscious ready to be “upgraded” for    clarity and ease of activating.

     Connecting your HARD Drive to your HEART Drive.

     What is “keeping your highest choice on your screen.”

      What is “Imagination Activation?

I learned LOM in 1996.....and my connection with my ability and skill to direct and produce my highest choices is a direct result of my conscious creative languaging. Thank you Bob Stevens for your commitment to teaching this body of work to personal, local and global leadership of highest choice living and planetary health.

Info and skills Covered (content!):

1-All 11 Domains of  Self-Limiting Language (SLL) and rewrites

2- Identifying your own specific SLL

3-Rewriting your SLL into your Highest Choice CCL

(Conscious  Creative Languaging)

3-Outcome Practice

4-Imagination Activation training and practice

5-Self and partner coaching practice

Professional Staff Development feedback: Tremont Elementary School

The following is a synopsis of staff feedback from our 3 day Language of Mastery PD at Tremont with Emily Eisen (I have the exit forms):


I did not expect to LOVE this PD as much as I did.  This PD will help me to improve both personally and professionally

The entire district would benefit from this.  There is power in starting each day with specific movements with children for left/right brain connectivity, and reminding them of the positive affirmations – I can, I am, I have, I will, I love, I choose, I create , I enjoy.  Teaching the children the difference between the Language of Mastery and the Language of Mystery/Misery is an important life lesson

I feel as though a window has opened and I have new tools helping me to become my best me!

This workshop provided me with many tools to improve my life, my profession, my family and anyone I come in contact with.  I love the tools “cancel/clear” ”imagination activation” and having the ability to recognize self- limiting language

-Emily’s presentations have been life changing!  I am now using conscious creative language, The Language of Mastery. I have been made aware of living my highest choice both personally and professionally.  I have been given the tools to implement positive changes in my classroom and at home.

I loved everything I learned in these workshops and I want more!!

Personal Benefits:

Cancel/clear when I have anxious thoughts

Choosing to upgrade, rewrite, re choose, when I need or want my highest choice

Change my language to create a daily I AM, I CAN statement

I am examining what my highest choices are professionally and personally, in the classroom and out

Be here and now

OMG – so many things!  Change my language from misery to mastery!

Stay out of the past and change self – limiting language for me and my students

I will change the word SPEND to INVEST!

I can make an X with my finger to connect my left and right brain, and teach my students how to do this too

I will be a “committed listening” – in the here and now

I will choose to live in my highest choice in the here and now


This crash course came at a perfect time for me.  Everything happens for a reason.  I want more of Emily

LOM + the Secret will allow mw to live in my highest choice

Emily was inspiring and motivating.  I hung on her every word. Best PD I have had in a while!

An incredible class with so many valuable things to learn.  I wish it was longer.

I wish I had more time with Emily.  So much information in a short period of time.  I am so inspired and look forward to a wonderful change in myself and my students because of the tools I have learned.


Emily Eisen is dynamic, no nonsense, and on point.

I so appreciated Emily, her genuine compassion and empathy for the individuals in our group

Emily’s expertise and knowledge is to be admired

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are an inspiration to all of us!

Thanks to Emily for engaging me in conscious creative language. 

I never realized how powerful specific, conscious creative language can be.  Can’t wait to read the book!

*** Most faculty and guest admins ordered the suggested reading Conscious Language: The LOGOS of NOW by Robert Tennyson Stevens.  Emily is not connected to the sale of this book.  It was written by the creator of Language of Mastery and is meant to be read in conjunction with the workshops.

Required Text:

Conscious Language, The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens,

The  book we use is available at class for $18. cash.

Place your order with BWP 10 days prior to class.

Private In person Conscious Language Sessions by appointment.

Online LOM Coaching by request.