Kripalu Yoga Classes on Long Island

Emily Eisen, 200 Hour Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher
                        ROOTING and RISIN’ with EYES IN

I am so very happy to bring the practice and spirit of Kripalu Yoga to you.

Yoga Practice Offerings:
            Yoga studio group classes
             Private your hOMe yoga classes
             Individual yoga instruction
             Philanthropic Yoga Practice Offerings 

    I specialize in creating a practice that is geared for every level of flexibility. 
    There is always a level at which yoga can be “your yoga,” enjoyed and beneficial for your body, mind and spirit. I have been through various stages of physical challenge where I could hardly move at all. I know what mobility limitation and pain feels like and the frustration that accompanies it. I know how to respect the body and be patient with healing. And so I know how to work with anyone because I have been there...and I know I can guide you too so you can learn to guide yourself with compassion.

    In addition, I am an athlete, specifically a Total Immersion Swimming Coach and ChiWalking Coach. From these two certification trainings, I learned that postural alignment and  conscious breathing are the foundation of any movement and level of steady endurance. 

    You are the only one that knows your body and so I will guide you to  modify any part of the practice to be safe, steady and comfortable for you, with special consideration for your particular condition: injuries, surgeries, uncontrolled high blood pressure, glaucoma, sinus, pregnancy, menstruation, recent dental work, charged emotions. If in question, consult with your doctor before beginning yoga practice.

        1-Gentle Yoga on matt with props or use of chair or wall for beginners 
             and beginners plus (more than 10 classes)                                
        2-Intermediate Yoga, for longer and deeper posture expressions

All classes have the following structure:
        Pranayama  (conscious breathing)
        Asanas (postures)

    You receive clear directions to follow for your practice and
suggestions to make your expression comfortable, doable and safe.
One of the Yamas (restrictions) is Ahimsa. This means “Do no harm.” This starts with yourself; being kind and gentle with your yoga practice----going slow enough to stay aware of the movements and sensations and answering your body’s call from within.

    I offer beneficial, individualized guidance tailored to your unique expression and lead you to get the most nourishing, strengthening, balancing and revitalizing experience, paving the way for you to enjoy your own home practice as well if you choose.

It has been my grateful honor to be in my Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, and I have the highest respect for my teachers Larissa Hall Carlson and Cristie Newhart, and the manner in which I was trained. I am deeply grateful to the 28 other students I trained with, my Soulful Sangha (community) and the honoring and inspiring manner in which we went through our rigorous 200 hours together.

It is my grateful honor to be your teacher and I honor the spirit in which you honor yourself to practice yoga and experience your life fully on and off the matt.


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