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LanguAge of Mastery® (LOM) educational programs



       What is LOM?

 Language of Mastery are tools to heighten your ability to hear and identify your unconscious and conscious self-limiting (SLL), self-sabotaging, self-depleting language (our instructions to yourbrain to be, do or have). 



 What effect does LOM have on the brain?

The brain is listening and is obedient to our words (our directions), both our spoken & inner conversations. 

What we speak is what our brain thinks it is supposed to create. This is it's job. 24/7

We are at choice to change the words/directions we give our brain and change what we create, physically, emotionally and mentally.




If I am unconscioius of my words, how do I know if I am self-sabotaging myself?

Our feelings are indicators self-sabotage.

 TOOL: I indicate by my feeling if I am speaking:

                                   The Language of Misery 

                                   The Language of Mystery

                                   The Language of Mockery  or

                                   The Language of Mastery?

   Since  feelings are where we are and not who we are, they serve as arrows.

   Feelings are an essential fuel for powering our highest choices & well-being.

What LOM tool helps my feelings be fuel for my well being?

 TOOL: The LOM Emotional Harmonics Scale is the powerful Emotional Intelligence tool to 

honor and feel your emotions, and understand each motion's cycle to return. Emotions can feel overwhelming and endless or obstacles to functioning. This tool helps to frame each emotion so our survival brain can feel the emotion, which our clear thinking cerebral cortex can allow and  comfort you to be where you are and allow the feeling to roll through it's cycle.

Can anyone learn the LOM tools to help themself be clear, focused,  compassionate, self-regulating and enthusiastic simply by using conscious, creative language?

In my 25 years experience as a Language of Mastery Instructor, I have witnessed 1000's of people of all ages, from 5 years to 95 years, be relieved to learn how to create their new reality by having a new conversation with themself! Yes, anyone can learn the LOM tools, and enjoying the creative person they are each moment, each word, each choice.

It sounds like work to learn a new language!

 Is it hard? 

Are there a lot of words to learn?

It's easy and fun and the simpler the words the better! 

TOOL: You can start with The Language of Creativity right now!

          I CAN

            I AM

              I WILL

                I CHOOSE

                   I HAVE

                      I LOVE

                        I CREATE

                           I ENJOY

ZOOM Meetings, Individual Coaching and I am happy to teach your own personal group!

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